Powering Social Mentions.

What is the value of a social endorsement?


ROI impact from positive word of mouth exceeds almost any formal marketing efforts a brand can create. It’s one of the top purchasing influencers today.


Now imagine the business impact every time your brand gets a positive mention from a real fan – broadcast straight from their phone and social account to all their friends and connections.

We’re not talking passive likes.
We’re talking social endorsements. Genuine votes of confidence.


What if people broadcast these valuable votes of confidence about your brand, yet gladly allowed you to manage the messaging they sent?


What if you could then show your appreciation instantly by sending them a tangible reward dispensed right at their location?

FanWise does both.
You create the messages of your choice, FanWise dispenses a physical reward the moment they share that message with their friends and connections.


You only reach the specific target audience you want:
Segment fans by age, gender, location and other selects. Craft the message you want them to share and all they do is click a button… and collect their reward.


You make every prospect or customer feel special and valued.
When your customers receive a reward, they become even more loyal and more vocal about their love for your brand.


A variety of rewards keep consumers coming back:
Free game play, sodas, snacks, coupons, prizes, contest entries – FanWise rewards consumers with anything easily provided through a point-of-purchase machine.


You don’t pay for clicks – you only pay for performance.
Unlike traditional pay-per-click, our clicks are verified: these are social conversions. FanWise only shares rewards with those fans who actually shared your message.

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