Types of content that can be loaded to the FanWise Network:
  • Websites
  • Social Channels
  • Videos
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Contest/sweepstakes
  • Tweets
  • Maps

stats-8181% of customers were directly influenced to make a purchase decision, based upon social posts from friends. (MarketForce 2013)

There is no shortage of creative ways you can leverage FanWise to drive higher marketing, communications and PR results. We can get you started quickly with dozens of tactical ideas now driving success for other brands. But you’ll soon discover many more on your own.

Our customers continue to come up with new business uses for this versatile mobile commerce/social marketing tool every day!

Here’s just a partial list to inspire your thinking:

  • Create awareness through word of mouth marketing
  • Drive social engagement by thanking users who share your message
  • Create brand affinity when consumers get instant rewards
  • Change the conversation: mitigate negative comments or threats to your reputation by distributing positive sentiments and messages instead
  • Strengthen brand appeal and reputation with user-generated content
  • Dominate, maintain and convert at point of purchase by driving intent
  • Extend the reach of public relations news through extended sharing
  • Drive traffic to events & trade show booths with games and prizes
  • Contact us now to get dozens more ideas: we’ll brainstorm solutions for your specific business needs