Target and Track With Ease

Your FanWise Administrative Dashboard offers you robust targeting and real-time analytics.

Campaign segmentation capabilities:

Run multiple campaigns for different audiences; different social networks; or test a new promotion against your control.

Target your audience by:

  • Demographics: Gender, Age (FanWise Core Demographic: 18-35)
  • Daypart: Day of Week, Start/End Time
  • Device: Android, iOs, other
  • Geographic: Market, State, City, ZIP, Building, Clusters by Type, Custom
  • Retargeting: Reach out to users who posted your message to Facebook

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Real-Time Analytics

View real-time campaign progress on the FanWise dashboard.

Track results by:

  • Message Performance
  • Creative Testing
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Demographics
  • Shares & Impressions
  • Cost per share/impression

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