FanWise Featured in “Vending’s Mobile Revolution” by Automatic Merchandiser Magazine

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 in News

The December issue of Automatic Merchandiser Magazine has a mobile payment roundup that features FanWise as the only mobile payment method that allows consumers to pay via a social media status update.

How valuable is social media? As consumers highly value the opinions of their friends and followers, social media can be a compelling marketing tool, which is why one mobile payment technology provider believes it’s better than credit. FanWise uses cellular data and WiFi to create a connection between the user’s smartphone and the machine. “FanWise leverages a behavior social media users already practice daily…posting to Facebook or Twitter,” said Brett Circe, FanWise president. “It provides the consumer with a cash value for their update that can be used to buy goods instantly at vending machines, driving more sales volume.” Demographic information from the social media account can be presented to the operator.

In addition to the quote, there is a great round-up that includes many mobile payment options. Read the entire article here.