The FanWise Network is a set of arcade game and vending machines that run on sponsored social messages instead of currency. Sponsors load the message content and then target the social influencers to generate the social mentions. If those influencers agree with the sponsor messages, they share it to their friends and followers and are rewarded with a credit at the machine instantly.

With FanWise, everyone wins: the brand sponsoring the FanWise message and the target consumer who shares it.


Every time a brand message is shared it appears as an authentic status update in the social media news feed. That’s an implied endorsement. This is much more effective than traditional ads.


Plus, the message displays free: you don’t pay until it’s shared, so it’s low risk. Then it’s billed at competitive CPM rates.


Consumers love FanWise because it’s easy and rewarding. They get free or discounted snacks, sodas, coupons or other treats dispensed instantly at their current location. No app to install, no credit card; no account to open.

3 Easy Steps Boost Your Social Word of Mouth

Decide what good news you want to share

A new promotion or coupon? A product URL? A video clip? Maybe a retweet of a positive service review? Your opportunities are unlimited.


FanWise displays your message on consumers’ phones

Consumers see your message and can choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter, in exchange for a physical reward.


If they choose to share it

Your message posts to their Facebook friends or Twitter followers as an implied endorsement from them.