FanWise is a powerful tool for any organization seeking to strengthen social engagement and word of mouth, regardless of industry or customer base:

checkBuild higher recognition, affinity and loyalty for your brand

checkIncrease social mentions and engagement with your customers

checkReduce the impact of negative social media comments through widespread sharing of positive news

While almost any business or institution can achieve significant results using FanWise, there are additional benefits for some industries in particular:

Higher Education

Turn students and alumni into brand ambassadors –building loyalty and social recruitment programs. Learn More


Packaged Goods

Influence buying decisions instantly – right at point of sale when your product is available inside the machine. Learn More

Location-Based Media

Get the word out faster at a wide variety of locations in major markets. Learn More


Event Marketing

Timing is everything. Generate live buzz at events, trade shows, and other destinations. Learn More

Other Industries

See all the other specialized FanWise strategies we offer. Learn More