FanWise Mobile Commerce
An Easier, Friendlier Format

  • Mobile commerce has been slow to take off in the United States: the fees are burdensome to operators. Plus, users aren’t comfortable yet with new technologies like NFC or ISIS for payment.
  • FanWise mobile commerce leverages a behavior most people already practice daily: posting to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Each time consumers post the requested FanWise message to their social network, they are rewarded with an instant credit at your vending machine they can use towards items inside.
  • FanWise technology easily installs in all your standard vending machines
  • No merchant banker fees on any transaction – it’s pure profit for you

How Does FanWise Work?

If you currently offer merchant media and are looking to drive more revenue through social media advertising, consider offering FanWise custom social media messages. Be among the first to take advantage of this hot new media format in social media trends.

FanWise Technology

FanWise is the first and only advertising technology that can be installed in any existing machine.

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A Straightforward Business Model

Brands who are sponsoring the messages compensate FanWise.

FanWise issues the credit to the machine…

…and reimburses you the full cost of goods plus a commission on every transaction.

Sponsored Social Messages

The brand that sponsors the “social media mention” pays the cost of goods.

A New Format of Merchant Media

  • Offer FanWise to your advertising clients. It’s sold on a CPM basis, like most online advertising.
  • FanWise issues the machine credit to execute the transactions, tracks the impressions and collects the media cost.
  • The more messages shared, the more money merchant media sellers make.

What does it cost?

    • No hardware fees
    • No licensing fees for first year
    • No setup fees
    • No telecommunication fees


FanWise is rolling out in these markets. Apply today to be a part of our network. Boost the profitability of every machine with Fanwise technology inside!