FanWise only bills for verified social conversions – not passive views, clicks or likes.

The FanWise pricing model is simple and transparent. If a consumer physically broadcasts your message from their mobile device to their social friends and connections, that counts as a social conversion – or what we call an RFE (Reward For Endorsement.) You are only billed on RFE results…not views, clicks or likes.

RFE = maximum efficiency and value:
Here’s a quick example:

  • Robert is a targeted consumer who matches your desired demographic.
  • FanWise invites him to share your campaign message: “I just scored a #BOGO coupon from @DeliciousDonuts Coffee.”
  • Robert broadcasts it to his 350 Facebook friends or Twitter followers.
  • FanWise rewards Robert’s loyalty with a treat sent to the machine in front of him.
Leverage the FanWise Reward Network
Be where millennials and Gen Z are: run your media on FanWise machines in schools, offices, car dealers and other high-traffic spots. Your campaign can launch in under 60 minutes!
$7.00 CPM
(No Minimum)
Add FanWise Into
Your Own Machine
Already have a game/vending machine at your location? Lease the FanWise technology and you can run your media there. Inspire customers to endorse you during visits!

Flat Monthly Fee
Looking for a fixed monthly budget? Get unlimited social endorsements from all your fans for one low price.
$5.00 CPM
($20 Minimum/Month)
Target Facebook
Target Twitter
Target by Gender
Target by Age
Target by Location(1)
Get Facebook Likes
Get Twitter Followers
Campaign Budget Controls
Daily Budget Controls
Private Network(2)  
White Label  
SMS Opt-In(3)  
  1. Location can include DMA, City, ZIP, as well as “location type” such as High School, Car Dealership, Office Building, College Campus, etc.
  2. No other sponsor messages will appear next to your messages, you control all sponsor messages on your own machine
  3. Additional fees for SMS program will apply (based on volume)

All incremental word of mouth is Added Value!


You are only billed for the social impressions generated when your original target consumer shares your sponsored FanWise message. If your content is compelling enough to generate new likes, retweets and forwards from their friends and followers, all that incremental word of mouth is FREE!